Gamester Kids: Immersive Educational Experiences in the Saudi Gaming Sector

Saudi Arabia is strategically positioning itself to become a global epicenter for the thriving $347 billion gaming industry. With a substantial investment of $38 billion, the Kingdom is leveraging gaming as a key catalyst for economic advancement, aligning with the futuristic vision of Saudi Vision 2030. 

Mobile gaming application Gamester was swift to capture one of the top 3 positions within the kids’ category on the App Store in Saudi. On a mission to revolutionize early childhood learning, Gamester has consistently been at the forefront of creating immersive educational experiences tailored for toddlers and preschoolers. After successfully establishing themselves in Turkey, they have now set their eyes on the Gulf region. With the help of AstroLabs, Gamester expanded to Dubai, and their next stop is Saudi Arabia, which they view as a significant step in their narrative. 

We spoke with the cofounders of Gamester, Onur and Volkan, about their remarkable journey in the Gulf so far.

Crossing Borders With a Local Partner

Saudi Arabia presents a compelling opportunity for Gamester. The Kingdom is a leading consumer in the MENA region’s electronic gaming sector, characterized by a youthful demographic, robust infrastructure, and strong governmental support. Eager to deliver culturally relevant content, Gamester is strategically positioning itself to integrate Saudi Arabia into its expansive narrative.

One of the co-founders, Volkan Taban reminisced on their journey – “AstroLabs was very helpful in terms us providing us with the local market knowledge of setting up a company here in the region. I think without them, setting up would have been painful. When expanding to a new market, instead of learning everything on your own you can speed things up through partners such as AstroLabs that help you navigate the regulatory framework, compliance, and culture, as fast as possible.”

Gamester’s entry into Saudi Arabia is already making waves, even before opening an official office. Their proactive user acquisition approach has paid off handsomely, evidenced by over 100,000 downloads and 60,000 monthly active users in the Kingdom, contributing a substantial 15% to their total revenue. These impressive numbers not only demonstrate the Saudi market’s robust engagement with Gamester but also underscore the deep trust and acceptance they have earned among Saudi users.

Localization in the Gulf to win in the Saudi gaming sector

Gamester’s approach in the Gulf, especially in Saudi Arabia, extends beyond entertainment. By collaborating with local educational institutions and aligning their content with national curriculums, the company is not just entertaining but also educating young minds. This integration of gaming with education is further exemplified by their cultural adaptation strategies, including employing Arabic-speaking staff and creating content that resonates with Saudi families. For instance, their Ramadan-themed activities in the game “Tiny Minies” demonstrate their commitment to cultural relevance.

The Evolution of the Gaming Ecosystem in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi gaming ecosystem is undergoing a dynamic evolution, ranking as the 19th largest globally. With an expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 7.85% from 2023 to 2028, the online gaming market in Saudi Arabia is projected to reach around $320 billion by 2026. The Kingdom’s youthful, tech-savvy population is a driving force behind this growth, enhancing its potential to become a global gaming hub. Furthermore, the integration of gaming into educational settings in Saudi Arabia signifies a progressive approach towards alternative learning methods.

This transformation in the Saudi gaming sector not only reflects the nation’s technological adaptability but also boosts other industries like tourism. For instance, the upcoming eSports World Cup in Riyadh, scheduled from 2024, is a strategic initiative to attract tourism, particularly during the hotter months.

Gamester’s journey in Saudi Arabia is a testament to the effectiveness of cultural adaptation and strategic market expansion. Their focus on delivering culturally relevant and high-quality content has positioned them at the forefront of the educational gaming sector. As Gamester continues to grow and innovate, its partnership with AstroLabs remains a cornerstone of its strategy and success in the region.