Crimson Education Expands to Saudi Arabia with AstroLabs to Transform Education Landscape and Skills Development 

Crimson Education, a global leader in education and technology, has partnered with AstroLabs, the Gulf’s leading business expansion platform, to expand to Saudi Arabia.

Crimson Education is on a mission to assist students worldwide to accelerate their studies at different learning stages—from pre-primary to post-graduate and beyond—through a host of online services and products designed to provide them with assistance and guidance, enabling them to realize their academic and career aspirations.

With over a decade of expertise and an extensive network of universities and educational institutions, the company is dedicated to providing accessible and high-quality education opportunities to students across 23 global markets where its services are available, including, most recently, Saudi Arabia.

It offers a comprehensive range of services, including admission support, university selection application assistance, skills development, and profile-building programs, among other resources. 

“With a young, tech-savvy population, Saudi Arabia offers an exciting opportunity for Crimson, which is set to become a transformative integration into the educational landscape in Saudi Arabia. In light of the Saudization drive, there’s a pressing need for high-quality education premised towards problem-solving, value creation innovation to shape the next generation of Saudi students into exceptional professionals, thus creating a brighter future for the Kingdom, ultimately supporting modernization and Industrialisation of the country to achieve Vision 2030 goals,” said Alex Nicholls, director of expansion at AstroLabs.

Crimson Education’s expansion to Saudi Arabia, marked by the launch of its new Riyadh office, demonstrates its commitment to serving Saudi students and facilitating access to top-tier education opportunities, both domestically and globally.

“We are excited to launch Crimson Education in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is an incredibly exciting place right now, with a sense of energy and ambition that is unparalleled. The government is leading the way with Vision 2030 and setting a palpable ‘can-do’ tone for the whole country that makes it an exceptionally attractive place for a business to be,” said Soraya Beheshti, regional director at Crimson Education EMEA.

With the rapid developments and reforms taking place in Saudi Arabia, the education sector remains a critical pillar of achieving Vision 2030’s objectives to fundamentally develop education systems to meet the needs of a globalized economy and improve employability prospects for Saudi youth.

Crimson, with its proven expertise and track record, will be able to cater to the growing demand for a skilled workforce in Saudi Arabia as it looks to diversify its economy and create dynamic job opportunities through its commitments to education and innovation.

“I’m incredibly excited to see Crimson launch in Saudi Arabia. We have been deeply committed to the MENA region for nearly a decade and have delivered the world’s best college admissions results with over 960 Ivy League offers. With so many talented kids coming from the region, we’re excited to put boots on the ground in Saudi Arabia to support the growth of more students in achieving their ambitions of the Ivy League, Oxford, Cambridge, and beyond,” said Jamie Beaton, CEO of Crimson Education.

The company has achieved significant milestones and strategic collaborations since its initial foray into the Kingdom. As part of its Saudi-focused growth strategy, Crimson Education is currently in talks with several top schools in the country to provide its Crimson App and other university-related enrichment resources to their communities. 

Moreover, Crimson Education has plans to launch work experience programs with Amazon Web Services, Adobe, Uber, PwC, Ferrari, Denton, and more for high school students across the Kingdom, further solidifying its position at the forefront of shaping the educational landscape and skill development in Saudi Arabia.

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