Article banner for Systems, which stands at the forefront of the digital transformation in Saudi
Article banner for Systems, which stands at the forefront of the digital transformation in Saudi

Systems Limited: Pioneering Business Transformation in Saudi Arabia 

Saudi is ramping up to become a digital-first nation by the end of this decade, and the most active contributor to this vision is the ongoing business transformation taking place in companies of all sizes. The continued digitization push undertaken by the Kingdom strongly entails the increasing adoption of digital solutions by enterprises. At the forefront of driving business digital transformation in Saudi Arabia is Systems Limited, a global leader in the fields of AI, data, and cloud services, and a pivotal IT leader in our expansion network. 

The company’s Saudi subsidiary, which goes by the name of Systems Arabia, remains at the vanguard of empowering private and public entities, acclimating them to the digital age, and priming the country for the next wave of growth.

Making an Indelible Mark in Saudi Arabia’s Growing IT Sector

With a collective experience spanning almost 50 years, Systems Limited has a powerful presence across global markets such as Asia Pacific and MENA. Incepted in Pakistan, Systems Limited is the country’s first tech company to ever cross a market capitalization of more than Rs. 100 billion, recognizing its far-reaching impact and dedication to pioneering advancements that are reshaping industries and impacting lives across the globe.

The company’s commitment to empowering organizations to embrace innovation to streamline operations has been a cornerstone of its success in Saudi Arabia, where it fosters strategic partnerships with various Saudi ministries, large telecom operators, and various entities in the energy and utilities sectors. 

“Systems Arabia has undertaken landmark projects in Saudi Arabia, many of which impact the daily lives of residents and citizens. For instance, core ministries are being digitally transformed, with Systems Arabia as a key transformation partner in devising their journeys,” said Rao Hamid, General Manager at Systems Arabia and Bahrain.

These partnerships include close linkages with major local companies and state-owned enterprises. As it strengthens ties with local partners, it also works to deepen its relationships with global tech giants such as Microsoft, SAP, IBM, and Temenos, as well as hyper scalers like Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud, Microsoft’s Azure, AWS, and Huawei. 

Concurrently, it looks to improve capabilities in emerging technologies, generative AI models, and blockchain, helping its partners manage large volumes of data and drive higher business efficiency and solidifying its position as a key player in the global IT space and a digital transformation champion.

System Limited’s Saudi market entry was facilitated by AstroLabs. Hamid highlighted that AstroLab’s support in setting up Systems Arabia’s operations has been “paramount” in enabling the company to establish a strong foothold in the country 

This support has taken many forms, covering licensing, operations, and regulatory compliance, as well as establishing strategic allies, as highlighted by Hamid. “AstroLabs was also open to introducing Systems Arabia to banks that they had prior relationships with for operationalizing the company,” he further explained.

As part of our commitment to developing key sectors of the economy in Saudi Arabia, our teams put a growing emphasis on hosting sector-focused networking events, workshops, and seminars. This allows “Systems Arabia to engage with industry leaders, exchange best practices, and stay abreast of the latest developments in their sector within the Saudi Arabian market.”

To capitalize on the growing trend towards digitalization in the country, the company has deployed its top-tier leadership personnel to spearhead its Saudi operation, having expanded its workforce to over 100 employees within only two years of existence.

The Saudi market, therefore, provides a solid ground from which global IT and software companies can capture the growth potential of its burgeoning digital landscape. It is estimated that the ICT market is valued at over $40.9 billion and comprises 4.1% of its GDP, making it the fastest-growing in MENA.

The sector is poised for further growth, fueled by governmental efforts and large spending on tech infrastructure in line with Vision 2030.

Digital Transformation as a Driver of Financial Sector Sustainable Development

The growing pace of digitization among banks and financial institutions (BFIs) is one of the main factors behind the company’s strong presence in the Kingdom. “The BFIs have seen a shift towards digitalization, with digital banking, mobile payments, and blockchain innovations leading to financial inclusion. The public sector has seen extensive digital transformation efforts, enhancing efficiency, transparency, and citizen engagement.”

Across the BFIs vertical, the company is currently executing large-scale banking transformation projects, enabling the setup of digital banks in the Kingdom. So far, it has worked with over 15 financial institutions in the Kingdom.

The telecommunications sector is undergoing a sea of changes thanks to the advent of 5G technology and the widespread adoption of IoT solutions, providing individuals and organizations with unparalleled access to data and insights that can improve decision-making processes. 

Hamid explained that “the company’s consumers in the telecommunications industry increasingly rely on their skills to manage other companies or partner with consulting firms to execute roadmaps and strategic initiatives.”

Digital transformation in the country is largely driven by both the private and public sectors. For organizations to remain agile, there is a need to embrace strategic digital adoption to keep pace with the evolving market demands.

“Going forward, we anticipate public sector spending dictating and fueling growth. While giga-projects are certainly out there, we see larger private sector projects also evolving and rethinking how they approach technology. Service providers will need to be innovative going forward. Traditional IT hardware and software-related work and ancillary professional services will not suffice in Saudi Arabia today,” he further added.

Digital transformation has been a key focus for the Saudi government as it actively promotes the adoption of a digital-first approach to drive efficiency gains across sectors, with Vision 2030 being the driving force behind transformative progress. Mirroring its success in global markets, Systems Arabia is now the linchpin of the Kingdom’s push for better connectivity, playing a pivotal role in expediting its shift towards realizing a diversified, digital economy.