AstroLabs and IE University Forge Strategic Partnership to Elevate MENA Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Dubai, October 10 – AstroLabs, MENA’s leading ecosystem builder, and IE Business School, a global prestigious educational institution, have joined forces to enhance the entrepreneurial landscape in the MENA region. This partnership signifies a pivotal moment as both organizations unite to provide support to startups and SMEs, empowering them for sustainable growth and scaling.

In this dynamic collaboration, AstroLabs and IE Business School aim to create a support system for emerging businesses, offering a comprehensive array of resources and opportunities. This includes seamless resource sharing, providing access to physical workspaces, educational materials, and expert trainers, all while jointly hosting recurrent events, workshops, and seminars that unite entrepreneurs, industry experts, and thought leaders.

This agreement aims to provide an unparalleled opportunity for startups to fast-track their scaling endeavors across launchpad markets in the region. IE Business School, renowned for its academic excellence and robust knowledge platform, will offer its expertise to aspiring entrepreneurs, equipping them with the essential skills and insights needed to succeed in the competitive business landscape. Meanwhile, AstroLabs, a pioneer in facilitating market entry, will open the doors for these budding ventures, granting them access to setting up and scaling across the region.

Amir Dehghan, Expansion & Strategy Lead at AstroLabs and an IE alumnus, emphasized the pivotal role of such collaborations, stating “Our strategic partnership with IE Business School is a milestone in our unwavering commitment to fortify the MENA entrepreneurial landscape. We are committed to doubling down on supporting international and regional startups looking to fast-track their market entry or expansion in MENA. Considering the projections that the region’s startup economy is set to double in size to $10 billion by 2030, this partnership will serve as a linchpin for nurturing innovation and propelling scaling strategies.”

“At IE Business School, we have long believed in the transformative power of entrepreneurship. It is not only a driver of innovation but also a catalyst for economic growth and job creation. The MENA region holds immense potential for startups, and we are committed to nurturing and empowering this next generation of entrepreneurs,” said Joseph Sfeir, Head of Middle East & Africa for Global Markets at IE University. “It is an honor to collaborate with AstroLabs, in a partnership that will ensure that the region’s ventures not only survive but thrive.”

This partnership, driven by a shared vision of fostering entrepreneurship, will bridge the crucial gap between early entrepreneurs and the critical access to market entry.

The AstroLabs and IE Business School partnership promises to be transformative, shaping not only individual startups and SMEs but also the broader entrepreneurial landscape in MENA. Through the harmonious consolidation of their resources and knowledge, these organizations aim to drive growth and prosperity within the region’s entrepreneurial community.

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