Ferrero Group and AstroLabs Partner to Deliver a Tailored Corporate Data Training Program

Ferrero Group and AstroLabs Partner to Deliver a Tailored Corporate Data Training Program 

Dubai, UAE Tuesday, 20 June – The Ferrero Group (“Ferrero”), a global confectionary group, joined forces with AstroLabs, MENA’s trusted partner for innovation and entrepreneurship, to launch a comprehensive data training program designed to enhance the data literacy and skills of over 130 talents. The participants enrolled in the program consisted of employees from various departments within Ferrero, including offices in Dubai, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. 

This strategic partnership was forged to empower Ferrero employees with the knowledge and tools necessary to leverage data effectively in their day-to-day operations.

Divided into five adaptive learning modules, with a focus on Excel training and Power BI, the tailored data training program spanned four weeks and encompassed a total of 20 sessions, equivalent to 60 hours of comprehensive training. 

Participants in the program were able to gain practical knowledge and skills in areas such as building reports and dashboards using Power BI, data modeling with Power BI Desktop, and data storytelling for effective business communication. Moreover, they acquired the ability to translate raw data into meaningful insights, enabling data-driven decision-making across the organization. The curriculum also covered common data no-code tools that enhance efficiency and highlight real-world use cases where a data mindset can contribute to achieving more with fewer resources.

Through this partnership, AstroLabs and Ferrero are committed to equipping Ferrero employees with the knowledge and tools necessary to unlock the power of data. The program aims to cultivate a deep understanding of the role data plays in driving business growth and enable participants to confidently present data-backed insights to key stakeholders.

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About AstroLabs: 

AstroLabs is an ecosystem builder that enables the growth of people, companies, and innovation capacities on a regional level. With 10 years of active building in MENA and a vibrant community across 3 coworking spaces in the UAE & KSA, AstroLabs is MENA’s trusted partner in solving the innovation challenges of tomorrow by navigating the entrepreneurial landscapes of today. 

Partnering with key industry shapers, including governmental entities, corporates & enterprises, and the entrepreneurial ecosystem, AstroLabs designs and facilitates ecosystem transformations through business expansion and market entry operations, SME ecosystem building, digital upskilling, entrepreneurship, and innovation programs, as well as value-focused talent recruitment practices. 

About Ferrero Group: 

Ferrero began its story in the little town of Alba in Piedmont, Italy, in 1946. Today, with a consolidated turnover of over 14 billion euros, Ferrero is amongst the market leaders of the Sweet Packaged Foods market worldwide. The Ferrero Group, which consists of 105 group companies, operates 31 manufacturing plants worldwide and distributes its products in more than 170 countries. Our regional headquarters are based in Dubai, UAE. We also have an office in Kuwait and operations in Jeddah, KSA. Ferrero is the producer of many brand icons that are loved generation after generation, including Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Tic Tac, Kinder and Raffaello.

Product freshness and high quality, the careful selection of the finest raw materials, sustainable agricultural practices and continuous research and innovation are some of the key elements of Ferrero’s success. For further information visit: and