Teads: Unlocking the Potential of Adtech in Saudi Arabia

Saudis are an increasingly digitally savvy population and avid social media users; nearly 29.5 million people use social media out of 35.09 million internet users. The growing online customer base presents a vast market opportunity for brands looking to engage with new audiences and unlock new avenues. Fueled by continuous technological advancements and dynamic shifts in consumer behaviors, the advertising industry is one beneficiary of the growth of the local digital landscape.

Worldwide, digital advertising has opened up new avenues for businesses, allowing them to expand their reach and target a broader clientele with precision. Teads is one company that assists businesses in bolstering their digital advertising capabilities by adopting a data-driven and programmatic approach. That way, it enables them to effectively measure advertising outcomes, deliver contextually relevant, dynamic content, and unlock troves of value-creation opportunities. 

Leveraging a workforce of 1200 people in 50 offices across 30 countries, Teads, a prominent industry leader in the advertising technology (adtech) space, has been diligently working to propel companies in Saudi Arabia forward to new heights in their digital advertising game, orchestrating their next growth chapter. Across its global markets, Teads enables advertisers (buyer) to reach 1.9 billion unique monthly users and ensure they achieve better outcomes and deliver the ROI on their media spending. Using Teads, publishers (sellers) can maximize the value and reach of their digital content. 

Teads’ Saudi Expansion: Growing Market Opportunity in Adtech

As it continues to deliver on its commitment to steer brands towards success and establish itself as an industry frontrunner, Teads sets its sights on strengthening its foothold in the Saudi market, a pioneer market globally in the enablement and adoption of digital content. This strategic expansion is a testament to Teads’ dedication to empowering businesses in Saudi Arabia to harness the potential of digital advertising and marketing prowess while making a remarkable impact on the country’s thriving business landscape. 

The company made inroads into Saudi Arabia as it looked to provide comprehensive solutions and serve more businesses in the Gulf country following its successful launch in the UAE.

As Teads’ expansion partner, AstroLabs was instrumental in accelerating the company’s time to market as it advances toward fostering active exchanges in the economic realm. 

“[AstroLabs’] on-ground team played a pivotal role in streamlining our expansion by providing valuable insights into the local market dynamics and establishing connections with key stakeholders,” said Wael Zeidan, deputy managing director at Teads.

The US-headquartered company has already established itself as an industry leader in Saudi Arabia, having implemented several campaigns for government entities and high-profile organizations, including Neom, Qiddiya, PIF, New Murabba, and the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Culture (MOC), among others. The impact of these campaigns has been far-reaching, “effectively conveying the brand message to your desired audience and promoting Saudi Arabia as a foremost destination for tourism and investment,” as put across by Zeidan.

The country’s strong economic outlook and rise in consumer spending were the primary factors driving Teads’ growing interest in Saudi Arabia. As its economy expands, so does consumer purchasing power and heightened demand for products and services.

Quoting a study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), Zieden further made note of the growth of Saudi advertising market, which outpaces its counterparts in the region, adding: “Saudi Arabia’s digital advertising experienced a digital ad growth of 29% in 2022 relative to the year prior, surpassing the regional benchmark.”

The rise in advertising is directly correlated to the thriving e-commerce sector, estimated to be valued at $13.6 billion in 2024, growing at a CAGR of 15% to reach $27.4 billion by 2029. Consequently, brands are realizing the value of creating more personalized shopping experiences and the pressing need to transform the way they tend to promote their products and engage with customers. Teads’ sweet spot lies in helping advertisers transform novel ways of structuring, and build engaging iterations to capture consumer interest in light of the surging adoption of digital content consumption.

Harnessing the Power of AI and Data Analytics To Unleash Advertising Success

Zeidan highlighted that the changes that the advertising space has undergone in recent years are elicited by advertisers’ dynamic move towards online platforms and data-driven strategies, further stirring the need to experiment with targeting methods backed by digital tools.

“Advertisers are staying ahead of these trends by embracing new technologies and understanding the cultural nuances, enabling them to create impactful online ads that truly resonate with audiences,” he said. 

To navigate the dynamic Saudi market successfully, advertisers must possess the right tools and capabilities. Zeidan emphasizes the importance of prioritizing greater AI integration, advanced data management processes, and access to quality inventory (ad space). These factors are crucial for advertisers to ensure maximum efficiency while expanding their presence in Saudi Arabia.

“Teads distinguishes itself with a proven track record in all these disciplines. We are dedicated to placing our technological innovation in the hands of companies at the forefront of the transformation and growth journey in Saudi Arabia,” he concluded.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Teads is well on its way to becoming a transformative force in Saudi adtech, carving out the best path forward for advertisers, publishers, and businesses, and aiding in the growth of the country’s digital economy as instigated in Vision 2030 for economic diversification.